Call for blog entries

T3D_Book of the Week

Fancy the idea of getting involved in Thinking 3D?

We welcome submissions of blog entries (200/250 words) on a book of your choice focusing on the techniques used by the illustrator to communicate three-dimensional forms and on the relationship between text and image (check out the concept inspiring Thinking 3D). The book chosen could have been published anytime, from incunabula to contemporary publications. Also manuscripts can be considered. We welcome 3/4 images taken from the book which are relevant for the discussion.
Blog entries will be published on Wednesdays in our website as well as in our Facebook and Twitter pages.

To contribute a blog entry, send a message to T3D2019
Proposals should include your name, affiliation (if any), email address and an abstract of 50 words. Please also add a short 2-3 sentence bio and a photo of yourself.