Project and Website

Thinking 3D (Author)

The corporate authorship of Thinking 3D is a collaboration between the principal investigators, Mr Daryl Green and Dr Laura Moretti. Unless stated otherwise, Thinking 3D is responsible for authorship of all texts on this site.

Logo Design

Sam Canvin has created the design for the various logos and font profile of Thinking 3D. Use and re-use of these elements are explained in Terms.

IT Assistance

The Digital Humanities & Research Computing Team at the University of St Andrews is responsible for the hosting and support of the Thinking 3D website.

Website Theme

The Thinking 3D website is a customised version of Simply AcademiaCarlo Corsato), which develops and implements the So Simple ThemeMichael Rose). Additional development provided by Scott Martindale. The Thinking 3D website is licensed under the MIT License GitHub license


University of St Andrews

The University of St Andrews supported and funded the creation of this website.