Thinking 3D: Architecture & Audience

UPDATE December 15, 2018

The Call for Papers is now closed. A huge thank you to all the applicants.

The scientific committee is now reviewing the 40+ proposals received. The list of selected papers will be published soon.

Francesco Borromini, Design for the Lantern of Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza 1649-52, The Albertina Museum, Vienna. Artokoloro Quint Lox Limited/Alamy Stock Photo


During the Renaissance, representing three-dimensional form in two-dimensional media was a recognized skill and a virtuoso display of talent. As illustrations of three-dimensional subjects became more prevalent, it also affected the development of the disciplines and the professions.

A conference on forms of architectural communication in the early modern period will be held in conjunction with the project “Thinking 3D,” organized by Laura Moretti and Daryl Green. “Thinking 3D” was especially significant for architectural practice, where communicating ideas and designs before and after building was of primary importance. Communicating architectural form was central to established and new audiences with an interest in the practical and theoretical issues of building.

We welcome proposals for papers and workshops that explore the development of the techniques used to communicate architectural form to wide-ranging audiences, including patrons, other practitioners, and the general public.

The conference will be held 27–28 September 2019 at Worcester College, Oxford; travel and conference expenses for speakers will be supported through the generosity of the Scott Opler Fellowship in Renaissance and Baroque Architecture.

Please submit proposals (300 words) and a curriculum vitae to Dr Katie Jakobiec, by December 14, 2018.